Halfway River Clean Harbors

Clean Harbors is a Complete Remote Housing Provider.

Clean Harbors have a Lodging Agreement specific to three locations with the Halfway River First Nation including Haystack at Km 44 on the Upper Halfway road, Mile 135 on the West side of the Alaska Highway and the Julienne Creek Camp located East on the Mile 135 Rd at Km 16.5. Provisions of the Agreement provide financial benefit, employment, contracting and subcontracting opportunities and support of Community initiatives and events.

Multiple Accommodation Types

Lodging Amenities

We are a one-stop housing provider including design, construction, transportation, set-up, service, maintenance, catering and housekeeping. Wherever possible, Clean Harbors reaches out to our Community partners for contracting and subcontracting opportunities where Clean Harbors are unable to self perform or where reasonable opportunity exists.

Growing Relationship

Clean Harbors has existing contractual arrangements with the Halfway River First Nation community at our 3 camps: Haystack Camp, Mile 135, and Julienne Camp. We will continue to make development of such relationships a priority. Clean Harbors has recognized the need to formalize our community engagement policies and processes.

Environmental Awareness

Our vision is reflected in the Clean Harbors tagline “People and Technology Creating a Safer Cleaner Environment”. Our people are at the heart of all of our operations. We aim to have a reflective workforce of the communities in which we operate our business.

Health and Safety

Clean Harbors’ training protocols and health and safety procedures are unsurpassed, our DART, TRIR and our training programs and overall approach to business keep projects in compliance with OHS and HRSDC.


Training and Employment

Clean Harbors is committed to hiring a diverse work force. Our employment equity strategy is to hire, develop and maintain employees within the four protected classes in Canada and provide them with development opportunities to increase their chances of success in their careers.