Halfway River Compass Ventures Ltd.

Vac trucks, potable water, sewer services and dust control.

Working together to build community support and business opportunities.

Halfway River Compass Ventures has a modern and diverse fleet of over 30 units that can provide a wide range of services to meet the unique needs of our clients. We have the ability to provide continuous service to our clients as ground conditions change. Our experienced personnel have the ability to troubleshoot problems and provide innovative solutions.

Rig Support

Potable Industrial & Domestic Water and Waste Services:

Vacuum Trucks

Road Maintenance


Supporting the community, Halfway River Compass Ventures promotes hiring local skilled workers, offering competitive wages and benefits. Halfway River Compass Ventures provides opportunity for employment and training for Halfway River members and contractors.

Business Development

Over the past 8 years Halfway River Compass Ventures has strived to bring business opportunity to the Halfway River Group of Companies and build strong relationships with local industry.

Community Investment

For several years, Halfway River Compass Ventures has supported the annual Halfway River Rodeo by providing monetary contributions as well as donated water and sewer services.

Community Engagement

Understanding the value in community engagement and support, Halfway River Compass Ventures proudly contributes to community programs such as youth sports and Maintenance of public recreational sites & facilities in the Peace Region.


  • Contaminated Soil Hauling, Supply & Delivery of Pellets, Sawdust, and Gravel. Vac Truck Services for Frac Support.
  • Supply camps with potable water and domestic waste removal.
  • Road maintenance

Safety First

Halfway River Compass Ventures is committed to ensuring everyone returns home safely at the end of each and every day, and that our assets are operated in a safe manner. This commitment to safety is based on caring for employees, our contractors, the communities in which we operate and the environment.

Halfway River Compass Ventures truck