Halfway River RWDI

Environmental Services for Northern BC Projects.

Based in Fort St. John, the First Nation Halfway River Group and RWDI (HR-RWDI) have partnered to locally deliver a broad range of environmental services including climate change, noise and vibration, air quality, and hazard and risk. These services provide a technical resource for communities and industry, helping them work together to meet their environmental stewardship objectives while limiting their environmental impacts and controlling costs.


Noise & Vibration

Air & Climate

Halfway River RWDI's unparalleled depth in environmental expertise and local knowledge allows us to deliver valuable support for clients in Western Canada.

Understanding Hazard and Risk Exposure

Industry and business must understand and manage the environmental and occupational hazards and public safety risks association with their operations. HR-RWDI has specialized tools and models for source characterization, accidental release and dispersion modeling in support of emergency response planning.

Impacts from Noise & Vibration

Wildlife and traditional use lands need to be protected. We are experts at modeling, measuring, and interpreting sound in the environment, and provide support for approvals and permits where baseline impacts studies, evaluations, mitigation, and other studies are needed.

Meeting Air Quality Goals

Halfway River RWDI helps you find a path to achieve your air quality goals. Our modeling and measurement services support regulatory approvals, public meetings, hearings, or technical measurement programs.


First Nation Engagement and Community Involvement

HR-RWDI’s local Fort St. John office is staffed full time and situated within the HRG offices. This co-location provides an opportunity for relationship building and interaction with our Halfway River partners and community. HR RWDI offers employment and training opportunities for First Nation community members, and proudly supports the HRFN community through various community event sponsorships and participation in their priority initiatives.