Halfway River Ventures LP

Benefits that go Beyond our Services

Halfway River Ventures LP, a 100% First Nation business, is owned and operated by the Halfway River First Nation. Halfway River Ventures is the vehicle through which the Nation actively participates and supports industry development, while assisting to create long term sustainability for the Halfway River First Nation. Our direct participation in local economic opportunities provides employment and skills training for members, support for member-owned businesses and funding of community endeavors.

Oil and Gas Services

Additional Services


Constructive Relationship Building

Halfway River Ventures LP has a demonstrated record of building healthy relationships with industry and resource based companies working in the Halfway River traditional territory.

Member Support

Halfway River Ventures LP is unique in its close ties to the Halfway River community. Through a clear understanding of the traditional and cultural values intrinsic to the community, Halfway River Ventures LP is able develop and foster positive relationships between members and industry partners.

Social Ventures

Halfway River Ventures LP provides the financial support needed to operate the HRFN Ranch. The HRFN Ranch hosts health and wellness initiatives and provides employment of community members in traditional ranching roles.


Halfway River Ventures LP is part of the Halfway River Group of companies. This integrated business structure allows increased project scope and scale, mobility, and agility to meet any project requirements.


Community Member Employment and Training

Halfway River Ventures LP provides meaningful employment for community members, promotes training and development of members, while generating revenue to support community initiatives, and future prosperity of the Nation as a whole.